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Print (The Sioux Chief)
Print (The Sioux Chief)

- by Frederic Remington (1901)
While Remington saw the Sioux as depraved, stolid, ferocious and arrogant, the soldiers whom he idolized had a "decided respect" for their plains Indian adversaries, whom they described as "naturally the finest irregular cavalry on the face of the globe." As the 1890's came to an end even Remington was prepared to give them their due: "They were fighting for their land--they fought to the death--they never gave quarter and they never asked it. There was a nobility of purpose about their resistance which commends itself now that it is passed." In A Sioux Chief the haughty arrogance Remington detected a decade earlier is preserved intact, and this figure became one of the "types" that defined his West.
- 15 1/2 in. by 11 1/2 in.

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